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hey there!

making the best of this life

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! Building meaningful relationships is so important to me. I'm beyond grateful for my family and friends, for my supporters and for my growing community. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

this is me...


and my world...

Jill is married to Brian and they have two daughters, Louise “Lu” (4) and Charlotte “Charli” (2) - yes, they like nicknames that happen to be boy names. Making memories and creating traditions is something Jill tries to focus on with her family.


When Disney+ isn’t on and she has some alone time, Jill is a sucker for “trash TV”, which is anything that doesn’t require a lot of thinking!


She has a weakness for chips, salsa, and guacamole and she hasn’t met a dessert she didn’t enjoy. Jill loves supporting local businesses, as well as giving back to the community.  

Jill Devine is a St. Louis native (for all the locals, FHHS!). She is an entrepreneur, wife, and mama.

Jill is best known for being an on-air radio personality. She spent over 20 years at numerous radio stations in the St. Louis market, which has led to over 20 years of experience delivering a message, reaching a target audience, and successfully marketing and hosting community and professional events.


Once Jill became a mom, she started noticing all these things about being a working mom, things no one was talking about. It led her to create and host her own podcast, Two Kids and A Career.


The podcast is an outlet to talk openly and without fear of being judged or shamed. The conversations are real, raw, emotional, and knowledgeable.


You can access the podcast wherever you like to get your podcast audio: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Store, Stitcher, etc.

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