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10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Parents

Yes, yes, yes, we all know Christmas is mainly for the children. But who says that you can’t have a wonderful Christmas as a parent? Parents do a lot for you. Like, a lot. They have given the greatest present of all – the gift of life. So instead of another batch of chocolate-covered strawberries or a gift card, give a gift that shows how much you really appreciate them. I’ve compiled a list of parent-friendly Christmas gifts that they’re sure to love.

1- Professional massage

This can never be a bad present idea. Being a parent is immeasurably stressful; It makes knots form in parts of your body you never knew could hold stress. So, to try and relieve the pain in the neck your mother has always called you (affectionately, of course), why not buy them a nice massage to destress?

2- Something for their non-child hobby

New knitting needles, the latest release by their favorite author, a new set of oil pastels…Whatever your parents do when they’re not busy taking care of you, give them a gift to help their hobby! I will make a note that dads always get power tools, I’m pretty sure half of Home Depot’s sales come from children buying their dad’s a new screwdriver or lawnmower. So, just be sure that if you get your dad a new tool it is something he actually needs/would like! Try and stay away from the more stereotypical tool kits (that’s what Father’s day is for).

3- Thank you!

Honestly, truly, it can be as simple as a thank you. Write a sweet letter thanking your parent for all they’ve done for you during the year. Try to write as many specific things they’ve done to show how genuine your thank you are and how much you remember all the wonderful things they do for you. It seems small, but trust me. A lot of what our parents do for us gets taken for granted, so they’ll love being recognized.

4- Good Old-Fashioned Coupon Book

Does your dad often complain about your messy room? Or do you notice your mom is the only one doing dishes? Make your parents’ lives easier by giving them the gift of complaint-free chores for things specific to your home that you know they’d appreciate help with. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for the whole year! Until the next coupon book.

5- Create a child-free zone in the house

This could be just for a specific day or a wonderful DIY to try and find a space in your home untouched by the snotty masses. We all need a space to relax and destress from the day and as much as children are the light of our lives…we could all stand to sit in a dark room for a few minutes at the end of each day. If you do this for your mom, expect plenty of happy tears.

6- Caffeine

What do you think keeps your parents running every day? Whether it’s a Starbucks gift card, locally grown coffee beans, or the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, give your parents something that will help keep them awake all year long.

7- Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories by Jacques Pépin

This wonderful build-it-yourself cookbook lets you keep track of all your favorite family dinners from what you ate to the wine served. It even comes with pages for guests to write their names and leave little notes. A perfect gift for the holiday season when your house is bustling with bodies and memories!

8- Jewelry

It may seem a little basic, but you can never go wrong with jewelry. Every time they wear it they will think of you, so make sure it’s as beautiful as the person who’ll be wearing it.

9- 100 Things To Do Scratch-Off Poster

Parents have a hard time taking time off from being a parent and forget what it’s like to have free time to do different things; give them a kick start with this helpful scratch-off list that reminds them that although they are raising children, they must remember to live their own life to the fullest as well!

10- New Clothes

This could either be specific clothes you think they would like or a gift card if you have a rather picky parent. The important thing is to remind them about their own needs and that they can lavish themselves in beautiful new clothes.

Morgan Galvez is a freelance writer and editor with a BA in English (with a concentration in writing, rhetoric, and publication) from the College of Charleston. She is currently building her freelancing career through positions at Brainfuse and Fiverr.

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