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10 Easy ways to Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

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Human connections can be complex, and sometimes things happen that push people apart. Life can strain even the most powerful bonds. The mother-daughter relationship is no exception.

Here are 5 tips for you as a mother to bring a daughter closer:

1. Be nonjudgmental

Being heard and accepted is one of our greatest needs in relationships. When your daughter is opening up and sharing, be open-minded and nonjudgmental as much as possible. Ask questions and allow her to educate you about her experience, even if you already know the answer.

2. Build trust

As often as you can, take your daughter’s side. This can improve a mother-daughter relationship over time as she learns to trust and rely on you.

3. Be a good listener

Reflective listening involves paying particular attention to the content and feelings your daughter is expressing when she talks. It’s about being emotionally available and letting others know they are understood.

4. Let her teach you

While the role of a mother can be about guiding and teaching, as your daughter becomes an adult, it’s essential to allow her to share knowledge with you. Be open to learning new things from your daughter.

5. Give her space

Depending on your relationship, taking a few days or weeks off from seeing or talking with each other can help make the time you reconnect even better.

Here are another 5 tips for you as a daughter to bring mom closer:

1. Show her gratitude

Practicing and expressing gratitude for the traditions and values you have learned from your mother. Tell your mom by writing her a note or giving her a gift.

2. Spend time with her

While life as an adult can be busy, scheduling quality time to be with your mom may be an important step to getting closer. Inexpensive options might include having her over for dinner, organizing a picnic, going on a walk, or helping her run errands.

3. Always listen to her advice

Showing your mom that you still appreciate her input and knowledge about circumstances and situations you encounter can help her feel needed in your life.

4. Appreciate the role she’s played

Acknowledge and appreciate your mom’s role in your life and how she has helped you along the way.

5. Let her be part of your future

Include her in your life decisions, vacations, and important celebrations.

Ahmed Ragab is a fourth-year student at Cairo University, where he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in physical therapy. He is a passionate email marketer who helps develop original email marketing strategies.

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