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20 Valentine's Day Crafts

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Valentine's Day is a day full of love! Looking for something to do, or need a gift idea? Here are 20 crafts you can do with friends, family or alone:

1. Arrange a flower bouquet

2. Bake heart-shaped cookies

3. Design and write a beautiful card

4. Create a heart outside using nature (leaves, flowers, rocks, etc.)

5. Capture the sunset or sunrise with your hands in a heart shape

6. Personalize a photo, treat or clothing item

7. Purchase a specialized beauty or wash-care product online

8. Paint a rainbow heart

9. Write a song for a loved one

10. Choregraph a short and funny dance routine for your family

11. Build a gift box of someone's favorite things

12. Create paper heart-shaped flowers

13. Write a love poem

14. Build a heart out of clay

15. Create you own keychain with a beautiful message and/or photo

16. Personalize your own teddy-bear

17. Put a heart sticker on all of the romantic places you want to visit

18. Create a balloon arch and write heartwarming messages on them

19. Crochet, knit or stitch a heart pillow, "ugly" sweater, or pair of socks

20. Draw, cut, and string together your own heart chain for decorations

Deanna (or "Nana Barratt") is an MA Creative and Media Enterprises graduate from the University of Warwick. She previously studied Popular Music, but decided to take a different career path into writing. She now writes about music, the TV and film industry, and East-Asian culture, and gives student advice and lifestyle tips.

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