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25 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Photo Courtesy of Wix

Summertime is magical to kids. The warm air combined with school letting out makes for a time of exploration and adventure. Here are 25 activities to do with your kiddos this summer!

  1. Go to the pool or do another water activity

  2. Sign up for a summer reading program at the public library

  3. Hammock in the park

  4. Visit a state or national park

  5. Make homemade pizza

  6. Volunteer at an animal rescue

  7. Take a pet for a walk

  8. Visit a trampoline park

  9. Blow bubbles

  10. Watch a nature documentary

  11. Visit a museum

  12. Climb at a rock climbing gym

  13. Read outside

  14. Get frozen yogurt

  15. Have a friend over to visit

  16. Visit grandparents

  17. Make a summer drink

  18. See a music performance at a local venue or a public library

  19. Start a garden

  20. Take music lessons

  21. Try a new restaurant

  22. Have a movie marathon

  23. Visit a zoo or aquarium

  24. See a movie in the theatre

  25. Make crafts

Pick out one of these activities and start having fun together!

Scot Oppenlander is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying communication with a journalism emphasis. He is in his last semester of his bachelor's degree, and he plans to attend law school in the near future.

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