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4 Easy Spring DIYs

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Whether you’re ready to refresh your yard, office, or coffee table, we have the how-to for you. Try one of these four easy spring DIYs today.

1. Bird Seed Birdhouses

Birdhouses add something special to any yard for spring, but how often do they actually bring in the birds? Skip the guesswork this season with these charming bird-seed-covered birdhouses you can make with the kids. First off, you’ll need to make bird-safe “glue” by combining 3/4 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of water, adding 3 tablespoons of corn syrup, and whisking in 1 package of Knox Unflavored Gelatin. Using any plain birdhouse from a local craft or dollar store, paint on your glue. Once they’re covered in a thick layer, start sprinkling or pressing on your birdseed – add dried cranberries or raisins for a splash of color. Once they’re all dried, hang up your beautiful birdhouses and watch the new neighbors flock in!

2. Floral Chandeliers

This simple DIY would be perfect in your office, kids' room, or anywhere that needs an enchanting update this spring. All you’ll need is a 12” wire wreath ring, one roll of 1” ribbon of your choosing, one roll of 3/8” ribbon of your choosing, and plenty of flowers (either real and dried or artificial). Start by wrapping your wreath ring in the 1” ribbon until you can no longer see the wire. Hot glue the ribbon down at certain points as you go to make sure it stays put. Next, tie on four long pieces of the 3/8” ribbon at equal distances around the ring. Tie these in a bow where they meet in the middle. However, much room you leave between the wreath and the knot is how low your chandelier will hang from the ceiling. To attach your flowers, simply tie your thin ribbon to the bottom of each stem before tying it onto the frame.

3. Teacup Candles

This upcycling DIY makes adorable decor and even better gifts. To start, head to your local thrift store and gather all the teacups and matching plates you can find. Once your collection is curated, take a trip to any craft store for candle wicks, glue dots, wax, and your favorite essential oils. Prep your teacups by attaching a glue dot to the bottom of each wick and placing them in the bottom of the cups. Use a wick holder (or simply wrap them around a pencil balanced across the top) to keep them in place. Following the instructions on the wax, melt it down and add your essential oils. Pour your wax into the cups, let them cool, trim your wicks and there you go – beautiful, handcrafted candles perfect for spring!

Tip: If you really want to up your recycling game, start saving the leftover layers from old candles you’ve burned through. Pour boiling water into the candle container to release the wax and let it float to the top. Once it’s cooled, add it to a designated candle cup, microwave it in 30-second intervals, and pour the melted wax into its new teacup home.

4. Mini Greenhouses

Looking for a unique way to display your succulents? Try this preciously pocket-sized greenhouse. Start by grabbing a glass planter, like this one from Amazon. While you could dedicate a day to building a full terrarium ecosystem, we’re taking a shortcut. Just take any mini potted plants you already own, or grab a few new additions from your local Trader Joe’s or Home Depot, and place them in your planter. Set it down as a centerpiece or desk addition and voilà! Your new mini greenhouse is ready to go in under five minutes.

Shopping for every season can add up quickly. Stick to the craft stores this spring and DIY your way to a unique decor in no time.

Rachel Rebecca Smith is a graduate student at James Madison University. After earning a BA in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at JMU, she decided to return to the program for her Master’s. She will graduate with her MA in WRTC this May.

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