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5 Healthy Habits for Your Morning Routine

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Mornings can be hectic!

A busy schedule is hard enough, and sometimes mornings have to get cut down to the essentials -- getting dressed, grabbing what you need, and rushing out the door! But, adding consistency and healthy habits to your morning can be the ultimate game-changer, so you go from feeling hectic to feeling on the top of your game.

Bring these healthy habits into your morning routine for a whole new YOU:

1. Drink a Glass of Water

Drinking a glass of water to start your day can be a transformative change in your morning routine. Not only is this good for your physical health, but it’s also an excellent way to make sure you prioritize hydration. Often, a cup of coffee is the go-to morning drink -- and it’s okay if you still go for a cup! But, before you do, make sure you finish that glass of water, iced or room temperature!

2. Make Your Bed

Making your bed seems like a simple task that doesn’t make a difference, but it can help bring a sense of an orderly routine, making you feel clean and ready for the day! Plus, seeing your bed made is an excellent way to associate your room with the fact that the day has started, making it easier for you to move beyond the bedroom!

3. Take a Morning Walk

Don’t underestimate the power of a walk! Getting yourself moving is an essential healthy habit to bring into your morning routine. Your blood will get flowing, you’ll feel more awake, and being outside can just make you feel ~better~ about the day ahead!

4. Take a Shower

Whether you prefer your shower steaming hot or cold, a shower is another excellent way to wake up. Getting a rinse before starting your day can help you feel more alert, and also help improve your mood and perspective about the day. Sometimes all you need is a quick rinse, and you’ll be good to go!

5. Eat Something (!!!!)

The cliché of all clichés: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you’re not a morning person, your stomach may still feel like it’s in hibernation mode, making you want to opt out of breakfast altogether. However, even a quick bite to eat, such as a breakfast bar or a piece of toast, can help you start the day off right. So whatever works best for you, take a nibble before you leave the house!

Amanda Sosa is a college graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a MA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition) and a BA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition; minor in American Studies). She currently works in higher education English classrooms at Golden West Community College and as an instructor at Platt College. Her love of writing has prompted her to additionally pursue copywriting and copyediting professionally.

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