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6 Easter Crafts To Do as a Family

Photo Courtesy of Wix

Looking for crafts that go above and beyond dyeing eggs this Easter? Look no further. We’ve gathered a list of Easter crafts that are fun for the whole family. Come together and try one of these six crafts.

1. Handprint Chicks

This craft may get a little messy, so start by laying down some newspaper or heading outside. Paint their little hand yellow with acrylic paint (try Apple Barrel) and press the wet print onto a sheet of white paper. Once dried, use orange paint to add two vertical lines poking out of the bottom and two extra lines on each for our chick’s feet. Finish it off with two black dots and an upside down orange triangle in the middle.

Tip: Try this craft on pastel purple, blue, green or pink paper for a cute greeting card to send to the family.

2. Sock Bunnies

Get ready to make their new favorite stuffed animal. Start by grabbing a plain white tube sock, placing the toe end into an empty glass, and rolling the open end over the sides. Fill the sock to the ankle with uncooked rice. Tie a rubber band tightly around the sock where the rice ends. Tie another rubber band about a third of the way down from the first, forming a ball shape between the two (our bunny’s head). Cut a V-shape into the remaining untied top of the sock for our bunny’s ears. Tie a pretty ribbon into a bow around its neck, add two dots and a nose with a black sharpie for the face and your bunny is complete!

3. Easter Egg Garland

This quick and easy Easter craft creates décor you can keep for years to come. Start by cutting out several ovals from white paper (the more you cut out, the longer your garland will be). Using white crayons, go to town drawing different patterns all over your ovals. Watch your patterns magically appear by painting over them with watercolors. Once they’re nice and dry, attach them to a piece of string by taping across the back.

Tip: You can also skip the garland step and attach your painted eggs to a piece of construction paper for an equally gorgeous Easter decoration.

4. Footprint Bunnies and Carrots

For anyone with infants or toddlers, this is the perfect craft for you. Head to the dollar store for a small white canvas. Paint one foot orange, the other gray, and stamp them beside each other on a canvas – one upside-down and one right-side up. Add two gray ovals to the gray heel for our bunny ears. Add a few green brushstrokes to the tips of the orange toes for our carrot. Finish this keepsake off with their name, the year and “Happy Easter!”

5. Paper Strip Chicks

Trying to avoid paint at all costs? Give this paper strip craft a whirl. Start with a piece of pastel construction paper for the background. Cut a piece of yellow paper into strips, then cut two pointed ovals out of another. Glue the strips down so that they crisscross over each other, forming a circle. Add your ovals on each side for wings. Glue down an upside-down orange paper triangle in the middle for a beak and two orange L-shapes to the bottom for feet. Two googly eyes in the middle will bring your chick to life and keep the kids giggling.

Tip: You can also make bunnies by swapping the yellow for white, the wings for ears and the beak for a cute pink nose.

5. Watercolor Easter Eggs

If they’re still dying to dye Easter eggs, try this creative update to the classic Easter craft. Start by filling a square baking pan with Cool Whip. Drizzle food coloring over the top (try these pastel shades). Let everyone get their hands dirty by swirling hard boiled eggs through the fluff – for really little ones, this is also a great sensory activity. Once satisfied with the swirls, place the pan into the fridge for at least two hours. After they’ve set, rinse off the eggs to reveal your beautiful watercolor creations.

Whether you’re ready for paint or just looking to glue, we hope one of these six Easter crafts creates lasting memories for your family this year. From all of us at Jill Devine Media – Happy Easter!

Rachel Rebecca Smith is a graduate student at James Madison University. After earning a BA in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication at JMU, she decided to return to the program for her Master’s. She will graduate with her MA in WRTC this May.

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