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7 Ways to Make Your Child Interested in Studying

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Do you know how to motivate your children? It's not easy to find the best way to build self-motivation for your kiddo, as every child has their own personality. Forcing your children to study and work more makes building healthy studying habits much more difficult.

Being a good learner doesn't mean your child should learn everything from school. Academic growth starts outside the walls of the classroom. Limiting learning to the school can kill the creativity and imagination of your children.

These 7 science-proven tips will help you find out the best way to motivate your child and discover the joy of learning.

1. Fill your child's world with reading

Reading for 30 minutes a day has a magical effect on your children's knowledge and how they see the world. Let children pick their own books, help them read, and create daily activities for them to make reading fun.

2. Encourage them to express their opinion and make choices

Your children will get more engaged and motivated when you take responsibility for their own favorite extracurricular activities.

3. Introduce and encourage different types of learning styles

Knowing the learning style that's suitable for your kiddo, whether: Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social, and Solitary, will help you maximize the joy of learning.

Photo Courtesy of Wix

4. Focus on what he's learning, not his grades or performance

Have your child teach you what he learned in school today. Receiving the right motivation will lead him to become a good learner.

5. Help your child stay organized

Helping your child organize his papers, books and assignments will make him feel in control, less overwhelmed, and more motivated to learn.

6. Recognize and celebrate achievements

it's essential to offer positive reinforcement and celebrate your child's achievements. This will inspire him to keep learning and challenging himself.

7. Turn everyday events into learning opportunities

Encourage him to explore the world around him, ask questions and make connections.

To motivate your kiddo to study, you must intentionally help them develop this habit. Follow these 7 science-proven tips and let them discover how studying can be fun.

Ahmed Ragab is a fourth-year student at Cairo University, where he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in physical therapy. He is a passionate email marketer, who helps develop original email marketing strategies.

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