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A change of scenery

Even though the stay at home orders have been lifted, we still limit what we do as a family. Honestly, it wasn’t too long ago we closed the social distancing gap with our immediate family. We continue to take precautions and will keep doing so until … well, at this time I don’t think I can give an answer on when we will stop taking precautions.

One of my friends, Angie, has daughters the same age as mine and she also has a baby boy around 8 months old. Her family has also been taking precautions like us, so about a month and a half ago, when she asked if we wanted to come over for dinner and let the kids play, there was no hesitation. I believe her house was the first “outing” the girls experienced since quarantine. You could tell they were soooooo happy to be out of the house. They kept smiling the whole time (and so did I)!

Fast forward to a text I received from Angie on June 10:

Text message

I immediately called Brian and told him about the invite. We both agreed we needed a change of scenery. We needed a different house to mess up. We needed to get away. We also agreed we didn’t feel comfortable doing anything outside of the house (except swimming at the pool). When I told Angie our thoughts, she said she felt the same way. So, we packed up our cars and headed to Branson!!! There were three families that went on the Branson adventure. Our house was part of a brand-new community. The house was three levels and each family had their own level. There was plenty of room. We had a nice deck connected to the main level and there was a patio on the lower level.

The Lodges Chateau Cove - Branson, MO

The Lodges Chateau Cove - Branson, MO

The majority of our time was spent in the pool or at the playground connected to the pool. The kids loved it!

Lu Swimming
Charli Swimming
Ella Swimming
Jack Swimming
Mom and daughters swimming
Annie playing
Josie and Ella at the pool
Charli at pool
Lu Swinging
Josie Swinging
Charli and dad swinging

Other than swimming and playing on the playground, the kids played at the house and kept one another busy.


Lu was so upset the day we left. She had a major meltdown because she didn’t want to leave and she wanted us to live in the house forever! I also blame that meltdown on lack of sleep. What is it with kids and not going to bed while on vacation? I guess it’s a new place and they are too excited or maybe it’s their ages?!?!?!?! Oh, the other exciting thing that happened was a visit from the Branson fire department, not once, but twice!! The first time was because I was making breakfast. The second time was because Brian was making breakfast. No, we aren’t that awful at cooking breakfast. The alarms were SUPER sensitive, I swear!!!!!! The firefighters were very nice and gave the kids gifts they had in the fire truck … both times 😊!

Branson Fire Rescue
Branson Fire Rescue
Branson Fire Rescue
Jack firefighter hat
Branson Fire Rescue

It was nice to get away for a few days and it wasn’t a super long drive with the girls. I think it took us about four hours. So, if you’re looking for a getaway, I recommend the community we chose. I would go back to the house we stayed in or try another one within the community. We felt safe, but we didn’t venture outside our community so I can’t tell you about anything else in the area.

I will leave you with this picture of Charli on the way home. Just like mom and dad, she needed a little grease from Freddy's LOL:

Eating a burger from Freddy's

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