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A follow-up on the Father’s Day gift the girls made

A father and his two daughters

Last week, I gave you some DIY ideas for Father’s Day and I said I knew what the girls were going to make for Brian, but I couldn’t reveal it because he reads my blogs. Now that he has received his gift, I can spill the beans!

When I was searching for some DIY gift ideas, I came across this DIY Kid-Craft Handprint Keychain. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was the perfect gift to make because Brian has a keychain that Lu got from a toy and he wanted to use it because he says it reminds him of the girls.

I immediately got on Amazon and ordered the materials to make our own key chains. I thought I would have to purchase a bunch of different materials to make the keychains, but I found an "all in one" package:

Ordered on Amazon
Shrinky Krafts

Ordered on Amazon
Shrinky Krafts

I was so excited to find what I believe was the perfect gift for Brian this Father's Day, I was also able to relive some childhood memories with Shrinky Dink Krafts!

Unlike the original post, I decided not to paint the girls' hands, but trace them instead.


Tracing Lu's hand


Tracing Charli's hand

After I traced their hands, I had each of them draw inside their hand and then I wrote their name and the year:

The girls' handprints

Before you bake your art, you need to punch the paper hole in it. Don't forget that part!

Handprints before going in the oven

I made one mistake. I accidentally put the wrong side down with Lu's handprint. You can see what happened in the pic below:


These are the handprints after I baked them:

Handprints after baking

And the finished product:

Handprint keychains

I added an "art piece"in between the two handprints, which was some doodling Lu created.

It was a pretty easy craft to make and it was fun for the girls (and me!). Most importantly, Brian enjoyed the thoughtful gift.

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