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Battle at the Ballpark, Rock! Paper! Scissors!

Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash

The non-profit organization “Big Brothers Big Sisters” is currently raising money for their programs with the goal of reaching $1 million in donations. To help them reach this goal, Big Brothers Big Sisters is holding a Rock Paper Scissors competition called Battle at the Ballpark, Rock! Paper! Scissors! The event will be held on the field of Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Battle at the Ballpark will be held on Saturday, June 24th, and is only open to adults age 21+. The event will feature a bracket-style Rock Paper Scissors competition, free food and drinks, and other activities including batting cages.

The proceeds will go to “Big Brothers Big Sisters” to help them support kids in Saint Louis through their various mentorship programs.

You can get a Green Seat ticket to the competition by raising $250 for “Big Brothers Big Sisters,” with a limit of four tickets per fundraiser. You can also raise $50 to earn a voucher for two tickets to a Cardinals game.

Unlike other fundraisers such as fun-runs, this event gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the action, despite athletic ability.

This fundraiser is for a great cause, and we encourage everyone who is able to participate. As Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

You can find more information about Battle at the Ballpark, Rock! Paper! Scissors! At their website.

Scot Oppenlander is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying communication with a journalism emphasis. He is about to begin the last semester of his Bachelor's degree, and he is currently applying to law school.

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