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Best Workouts for Busy Moms

Moms already do it all, how can they possibly keep active too?! With a little routine, discipline and plan, you can! I'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible! And one of the best things you can do for your overall well being.

Being a mom is already more than a full time job. And it’s a heck of a lot harder too! But parents often forget they need to make themselves a priority. If you can’t take proper care of yourself, how are you going to take care of a child? Self-care has become an ever-growing practice, and one of the best ways to take care of yourself is by taking control of your body and health. One of the best ways to do that is by daily exercise!

And I know what you may be thinking:

  • I can’t afford a gym membership

  • I don’t like gyms

  • I don’t have time to workout

Well, I’ve heard the excuses and I don’t buy it. Maybe you don’t have two hours to go to a commercial gym or the funds to join Equinox, but I guarantee you can manage 15 minutes a day to dedicate to physical activity.

And now you’re probably thinking:

  • What do I do? How do I do it?

  • Where am I going to workout?

  • I don’t have enough space in my house!

Well lucky for you I’m a fitness fanatic and have done almost every workout YouTube influencers have to offer. Some of them are much harder than others and some suggest weights, however, they are not required.

These workout videos are all free and accessible online, so if you are reading this on a computer or phone right now, you are completely capable of looking up these videos and getting to work. You can do them outside, in your living room, or even in your kitchen. (I’ve done all of the above) It doesn’t matter! As long as you're moving. So here are some of my favorite fitness channels that are THE BEST for busy moms.


MadFit has almost every workout you could ever imagine. There are 5 minute arm workouts, 10 minute stretch cooldowns, 30 minute cardio, 15 minute abs, cardio, weights, yoga, MadFit really has it all. This page is great for busy moms because the workout are so short and convenient. But don't let the duration fool you ... they are HARD!

PLUS she has her own app you can download!

Tracy Steen

Tracy Steen is my own mother's personal favorite YouTuber. She does use some weights, but they are not necessary. Her workouts are designed to keep you entertained the whole time, making the movements fun and effective. Tracy's workouts are usually 30-45 minutes long, though there are some that are 20. So if you are looking for quicker workouts I would stick to MadFit. But Tracy is great for a weekend sweat!

Juice and Toya

Juice and Toya is great if you want to challenge yourself. In each video either Juice or Toya performs the advanced version of each movement while the other shows you the modified exercise. So you get to pick and choose which movements you push yourself with! These videos also range from 15-45 minutes.

Fit Mother Project

The Fit Mother Project is great because it's not only workout videos, it's recipes, self-care, and a podcast! Multiple people run this page, so you aren't only getting one person's workouts, your getting a fitness community!

Fit Father Project

Married to the Fit Mother Project, I couldn't leave the Fit Father Project out. Both pages have great workouts for men and women!

Staying fit doesn't have to be hard. It just takes 15 minutes out of your day! Even just walking a mile is better than nothing! There's not a lot of time in the day for yourself, but make sure to make some, because without a happy and healthy mind and body you won't be able to a mom, doctor, businesswoman, waitress, nurse, lawyer, etc. to your fullest potential!

Mackenzie Eaton is a senior Honors student at Sacred Heart University, expected to graduate with her BA in English and Minor in Marketing. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in English after graduating in May 2022.

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