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Easy After School Craft for Your Kids

Photo Courtesy of Wix

After-school time can be hectic! The kiddos are tired, hungry, and dropping their shoes, backpack, and goodies all over the place. Whether you’re trying to get organized, finish up work for the day, or just need a break, we have the perfect craft to keep your kids entertained!

For this craft, you will need the following items:

  1. A large bowl

  2. A box of fruit loops

  3. A long string of yarn

  4. A placemat or paper towels!

This craft is a classic -- the fruit loop necklace! Give your children the creative freedom to make their own color patterns and they’ll be ecstatic to dig for the perfect fruit loop colors.

To start, pour a third of the box of fruit loops into the large bowl and set down a placemat or paper towels in the area where your kids will be making their necklace(s). Talk to your little one to see how long of a string they would like, but a good rule of thumb is to error on the side of making it longer. Remember -- the more fruit loops they add, the shorter the necklace will be.

Then, get digging for fruit loops -- it's that easy! Kids love this craft and it takes up as much or as little time as you need during their after-school time at home.

Amanda Sosa is a college graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a MA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition) and a BA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition; minor in American Studies). She currently works in higher education English classrooms at Golden West Community College and as an instructor at Platt College. Her love of writing has prompted her to additionally pursue copywriting and copyediting professionally.

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