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Father's Day on a Budget

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Moms may make the world go round, but dads can be superheroes, too. Celebrate Father's Day on a budget this year with any of these five gifts or celebrations.

1. Backyard BBQ

An easy way to turn this summer holiday into a full family event is with a backyard barbecue! Grab some corn, potato salad, burgers – the works. Set up shop in your backyard or local park and get ready to grill (Dad will probably take over, anyway). Add some bubbles and sparklers for the kids and this Father’s Day will be one they’ll never forget.

2. DIY Framed Photos

The perfect gift means so much more when it’s handmade. Head to your local craft store for wooden frames and dollar paints. Let the kids go to town decorating while you grab prints of your favorite photos of them with Dad or Grandpa. This instant treasure will last for years to come – don’t forget to write the date on the back!

3. Movie Night

Sometimes all he wants is quality time with the family. Make movie night memorable by letting him pick the flick and grabbing some gourmet popcorn, like this set from Amazon. Try throwing together some themed desserts to match the movie, like jet cookies for Top Gun or football cupcakes for Remember the Titans.

4. Game Night

If you’re looking for a fun way to get the kids excited for Father’s Day, try a family game night! Games like UNO, charades, and Twister are sure to be a hit. Invite over friends or family and work in teams to really get the excitement going. Try taking the party outside if the weather’s nice.

5. Personalized Key Ring

For the dads who could use a nice gift at the end of the day, try a personalized key ring. These leather key rings from Etsy can be stamped with a custom message and hold a pocket-sized picture inside. It’s a great way to keep the ones he loves close and remind him how appreciated he is.

Coming right at the start of summer, Father’s Day has endless options for celebrating. It’s easy to stay on budget with an outdoor party or even just a close-family cookout. If gift-giving is your love language, you can’t go wrong with something that comes from the heart. Happy Father’s Day!

Rachel Rebecca Smith is a graduate student at James Madison University. After earning a BA in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication at JMU, she decided to return to the program for her Master’s. She will graduate with her MA in WRTC this May.

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