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Fun Foods to Try With Your Kids

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Eating new foods is a great way to expose your kids to new cultures. And, it's just plain fun! Below are the types of food I suggest you try with your kids. In each section, there are specific dishes to try as well!


Thai cuisine is very diverse. Lots of Thai restaurants have options that kiddos may like, such as different kinds of chicken, spring rolls, or curry that isn’t too spicy. Rice is served with most meals. Pad Thai, the national dish of Thailand, is a great choice for kids.

Kaiten-Sushi (Conveyor-belt sushi)

At "conveyor-belt" sushi restaurants, instead of ordering directly, the sushi is carried to guests on a conveyor belt. The belt brings a steady stream of sushi past your table, and you can grab whatever looks good! This is great because you (and your kids!) can try lots of different rolls and see what you like. Here is a link to an article that explains Kaiten-Sushi in more detail.


Teppanyaki (which is sometimes confused with Hibachi) is a style of cooking that involves cooking food on a grill in front of guests. One of the most popular Teppanyaki-style restaurants in the U.S. is Benihana. Since the food is prepared in front of you, visiting a Teppanyaki-style restaurant is a fun and interactive experience.

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Hawaiian Plate Lunch

Hawaiian plate lunch is delicious and simple. Hawaiian plate restaurants offer different meats and sides guests can choose from, similar to a traditional American barbeque restaurant. They usually serve different kinds of chicken, pork, and other meats. Sides are usually things like macaroni salad and rice.


Greek cuisine has lots of options that kids might like. They have foods like hummus and Gyros, as well as other tasty lamb and chicken dishes. Here is a link to a list of kid-friendly greek foods to order.


Indian food is delicious, but some dishes may be too spicy for kids. But don't fret! There are plenty of Indian dishes your kids should try.

Photo Courtesy of Wix


I know, kids and veggies don't always mix, but vegetarian and vegan dishes can be just as delicious as ones with meat. And they are easy to make at home if you don't want to go out!

Trying new food is an adventure! Your kids will almost definitely try something they dislike, but they'll probably find some new foods they really enjoy as well. Pick something to try and start exploring!

Scot Oppenlander is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying communication with a journalism emphasis. He is in his last semester of his bachelor's degree, and he plans to attend law school in the near future.

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