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Gift giving and memory making ideas for Valentine's Day

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

I'm not big into celebrating Valentine's Day with Brian. It's more important to me that he celebrates our girls on February 14th.

Growing up, my dad always got my mom, my sister, and me a VDAY gift, along with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I thought it was so special he did this for us, so I knew it was something I wanted Brian to do and thankfully he has been on board since day one. Now, my dad gives my girls VDAY gifts and it makes my heart happy.

I'm not good at picking out gift ideas. I'm the one asking people for ideas! One person who's SOOOOOO good about sharing gift ideas is Emily Martinez, A.K.A. Emmy Lou Styles. Emily was on my podcast, Episode 46: She's A Digital Freelance Entrepreneur With Suggestions On How To Create Successful Digital Content.

Emily is one of the kindest women and she truly loves supporting other women. I asked her if I could share some of her VDAY content and luckily for you and me, she said yes.

Photo By Emmy Lou Styles

To get all the details about any of the images above, check out her Valentine's Day - Pink and Red Finds. Thanks Emily!!!!

If you're looking for something other than gift giving on VDAY, I thought it would be fun to share some "memory making" ideas I found on Aha! Parenting:

Let your kids know your love is with them all day ... by tucking little construction paper hearts with love notes into their backpack, lunch, jacket pocket, etc. for them to find throughout the day.
At dinner, go around the table and give each person a chance to give an appreciation ... to every other family member. They don't have to be earth-shaking to strengthen relationships.
Love in Practice. If you'd like your kids to take pride in making the world a better place, Valentines Day is a great opportunity to make love tangible in the world by taking valentines goodies or homemade valentines to a nursing home, hospital, or soup kitchen.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Lastly, how about some special breakfast ideas for your kiddos on VDAY?

Parents Magazine put together a list of 5 Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids. I won't lie, some of the recipes are a little too advanced for this mama, but you may be able to handle the complexities of the "You're-My-Jam-Muffins"! I'm still learning the basics ;).

No matter how you celebrate, the most important thing is telling your loved one, I LOVE YOU!

Thanks again to Emily Martinez for sharing her content.


Hi! I’m Emily; wife, mom of two (ages 6 and 3), and all things digital freelance entrepreneur! This is a space where I share my love of all things style, home, family, DIY and more here in Saint Louis, MO. I’m so glad you’re here! WELCOME!

Access all of Emily's content at Emmy Lou Styles.

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