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Holiday decoration storage tips

Photo By Kelly Johnson

The time has come to take down all of your holiday decorations and safely store them until the most wonderful time of year comes back around in about 11 months from now!

Make Decisions to Donate

Now is the time to take a second look at your holiday decorations and make some difficult decisions to donate some items. Maybe you had some decorations up this year that you just don’t love anymore. Or maybe there were a handful of decorations that didn’t make it out of the storage container at all. Now is the time to gather those items to donate. If you didn’t enjoy certain decorations this year, chances are, you will not want to decorate with them in the future.

Invest in Quality Storage Products

Instead of using old cardboard boxes and ornaments wrapped in newspaper from 20 years ago, consider investing in new quality storage products made specifically for holiday decoration storage. These ornament storage bins work great to keep your ornaments safe and separated from each other. They are also sturdy enough to stack on top of one another. Another product I recommend is a large zip-up bag for your artificial Christmas tree, like this one. Usually the bags are large enough to fit some extra items like wreaths as well!

Label, Label, Label

After you have your items in the perfect storage containers, make sure to label! Using labels is an important step in the organizing process to make sure you can easily tell what is in each container without opening them. Investing in an inexpensive label maker like this one will allow you to make labels for various spaces in your home so that everyone in the house knows where items belong.

Hire a Professional Organizer

Last but not least, investing in a professional organizer to assist you with taking down your decorations and storing them will save you time and ensure your products are put away properly in an organized way. Storage spaces can easily become a “catch-all” for all of the things! Hiring someone to help get your space in order is a long-term investment that will create a sense of ease and simplify this process in the future. Visit The NAPO Directory to find a professional organizer near you.

I hope you enjoyed these simple steps to take while storing your holiday decorations. Making a few small adjustments to your process can go a long way!

Kelly Johnson is the owner of Organized Interiors LLC. After spending most of her career in legal recruiting, she decided to switch paths and focus on her passion, which led her to starting her professional organizing business. Kelly’s business, Organized Interiors LLC, offers home organization, move management, home styling and personal assistant services. You can call Kelly at 314-608-0113 or email:

Kelly and her husband, Ryan live in University City with their daughter, Carly. She is an animal lover and enjoys reality TV and traveling.

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