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How COVID-19 Helped Me Step Up My Wellness Game

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COVID-19 has been a wellness wake up call for many of us to truly pay attention to our health. I’ve always had a little health nut in me, but this virus has woken me up to the wellness tasks I needed to step up for myself and my family. Here are some ways you can step up your game as well…

Nutrient Deficient

COVID truly brought awareness to the ways that most of us are nutrient deficient. The way that soil has been depleted over time has reduced the nutrient value in the foods we eat. The majority of the world is deficient in Vitamin D especially. They say that Vitamin D supplementation reduces the severity of COVID, we could all use more! After more was learned about this deadly disease it became clear to me that the family needed to step up our supplement game to improve our wellness.

What did we add to our regimen?

Vitamin D3

Quercitin and Vitamin C




Ion GutHealth (better than a probiotic)


Injectable and IV Nutrition

My husband and I also began to really dig a good IV once a month too. IV and Injectable nutrients by-pass the stomach and deliver fast and reliable results for wellness. Your body disposes of what it doesn’t need so you cannot overdo most IV and Injectable Nutrients! I’ve seen significant health benefits by regularly receiving a monthly IV and adding some nutrients through injections. I’m more alert and yet I sleep better, my skin is clearer and more radiant and that big dose of hydration is AMAZING.

What are my favorites? Which one’s help fortify you the most against viruses?

B-12 or MIC B-12 – B-complex helps you with metabolism, brain function, alertness and sleep. The MIC version also assists with liver detoxing and totally helps me control my hunger level.

Glutathione – This amino acid is AMAZING. It helps with blood sugar and insulin issues, liver issues, improves auto-immune symptoms and heart disease. This amino acid actually reduces total body inflammation as well, which helps with pain. I make sure every IV I get has this awesome supplement in it too. You can also get this as a weekly shot, as many doctors have even seen it correct issues with pigmentation on the skin!

Magnesium – Magnesium fights depression and helps with hormone issues. It also helps athletic performance! It lowers blood pressure and fights diabetes… it reduces migraines and also helps you sleep.

Vitamin C – This vitamin helps your body heal and recover and helps prevent illness. It helps with high blood pressure, can prevent gout attacks and improves iron absorption. Everyone could use more Vitamin C to improve wellness!

Zinc – Zinc is great at diminishing viruses(and we can all use that right now), plus it helps with collagen production, immunity and healing!

Biotin – Biotin is great for hair growth and nail and skin health. We can all look more radiant by adding this vitamin!

Read about more tips and tricks.

Jennifer Warmann-Bloss is a blogger, mom and owner of Elemental Esthetics in St Louis, MO.

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