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How I got my start in radio

It's National Radio Day, so I thought I would share my radio journey with you.

When I graduated college, my intentions were to be a high school Speech & Theater teacher. What I didn’t know was in order to be a Speech & Theater teacher, I also had to be an English Literature teacher. That did not sound appealing, so I had to start thinking about my next career choice. I literally - seriously, no joke - woke up one day and thought “radio seems pretty cool and fun”. I called my Aunt Jean because she worked for a company that owned a television station and multiple radio stations. She set me up with an informational interview with the Program Director at 105.7 The Point. When I met with him, he said the best way to get into radio is through an internship and in St. Louis you must receive college credit for an internship. He said the best college to attend in the St. Louis area was Lindenwood University. Fast forward, I graduated with my bachelor’s in mass communications with an emphasis in radio and television. While I was attending school at Lindenwood, I got an internship at Z107.7 in the marketing department. That internship led to a part time job on the street team, to a part time job as a board operator/weekend on-air talent, to a full time job as an assistant to the Program & Promotions director, to being named the Promotions Director, and finally taking on the role of Music Director and mid-day on-air talent. (All of my pics from my Z days aren't saved on my computer, so I have no documentation to show you, oopsie!) I was there for four years and then left to take the Music Director and mid-day on-air talent position at 101.1 The River, which is now 101 ESPN.

With Scott Stapp of Creed and my former boss, Marty Linck

Fleetwood Mac
On the Steve & DC Show

I was at The River for five years and my career shifted a lot during that time. Towards the end of my time at The River, I was offered a co-host position for a very popular morning show, Steve & DC. That experience led to another opportunity to be the co-host of The Craig Cornett Morning Show on 93.7 The Bull. I was at The Bull for two years and then new management came in and wanted to go a different direction with the morning show, so I found myself without of a job.

Taylor Swift

Keith Urban

Trace Adkins

At this point, I decided I was going to get out of the radio business and the main reason why, everything I loved about radio was stripped away from me by my former boss. He didn’t make working in radio fun anymore and I wasn’t treated well by him. I went back to Lindenwood and started working on my master’s degree. During this time, I received an offer to work part-time at Y98. At first, I turned down the offer because I had made up mind. I was done with radio. Then, I started thinking about it a little more and radio was my first love. I thought, if anything, I can work part-time doing something I love and make some gas money in the process. What happened next was truly awesome for me and my career. I went from my being on the air part-time to being on the air full time (10a-2p) and I was asked to help with some behind the scenes stuff in addition to being on the air. At the same time, I completed my degree at Lindenwood and earned my master’s in education. I was at Y98 for nine years and made a ton of memories, made some lifelong friends, met some awesome people along the way, and grew professionally and personally.

Katy Perry
Andrew McCarthy
Tony La Russa
Harlem Globetrotters
St. Louis Blues
The Stanley Cup

Even though my radio career has ended, it will forever be a part of me and hold a special place in my heart. Listening to radio will always be different for me since I lived it, behind the mic and in front of the mic, for over 20 years. I already think about some of the stories (some stories need to remain in the vault) I will share with my daughters as they get older.

One final picture. Everyone thought this pic was fake. The only thing fake about it was the photoshopped Santa hat and Christmas background. I had those things photoshopped because I wanted to use the pic as a Christmas card one year! But for real, I met WILL SMITH!!!!

Will Smith

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