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How to Choose a Name For Your Podcast in 3 Steps

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Thinking about starting a podcast? That's great, I'm sure you have a really original idea! But what about the name of your podcast? What are you going to call it? You don't know? That's okay! Have a look at our 3 steps to choosing the right name for your podcast:

1. Make sure the title is clear and concise

Your podcast's name should relate to you. Who are you and what do you do? If your podcast is called "How to Become a Better Person For Yourself Each Week", do you think this title is too long, too detailed? Does it lose your attention? Does it make sense? Does "How to Become a Better Person" sound clearer and more concise?

For example, Jill Devine's podcast is called "Two Kids and A Career." We now know that she has two kids and a career, so she'll mostly likely be talking about parenting and having a career. Do we need to know the specifics within the title? Not really. Otherwise, her podcast might be titled "Being a Mother to Two Young Daughters While Having a Full-Time Career In Addition To Running a Business On The Side". It's a mouthful. Is this information something you need to disclose in full detail, or is it something you'll find out about along the way? The point is, if you have children and a full-time career, does this podcast pique your interest without all the detail?

2. Make the title specific to what your podcast is about

Your podcast's name goes a long way, as does every title of your episode. Very similar to the name of your podcast, any title should relate to what your podcast is about and what you're talking about in that episode. Try to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when thinking of a name and title. What are people searching and how can you incorporate this into your podcast? You can read Moz's guide to understand SEO and use Wordtracker to search keywords.

3. Check other podcast platforms

When you've thought of a great name for your podcast, use a search engine to see if it's available or not. You should also search multiple podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) and a couple of competitors too. Here is a list of the best podcast websites and Namechk, a tool to doublecheck your name. Remember, if you don't check your name and it's already taken, this could be a domain, copyright or trademark issue, so it's best to check before you post anything and build up your brand.

Deanna (or "Nana Barratt") is an MA Creative and Media Enterprises graduate from the University of Warwick. She previously studied Popular Music, but decided to take a different career path into writing. She now writes about music, the TV and film industry, and East-Asian culture, and gives student advice and lifestyle tips.

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