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Self Care Sunday: How to Create Your Own Self Care Kit

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

For this week’s blog on self care, we explore making your own self-care-kit.

This kit is a way for you to hit pause and wind down with some of your favorite soothing and relaxing items or activities. It helps provide you with easy options to destress, instead of having to set up a self care day… you can just open your self-care kit and have everything done for you! Having this kit on hand will make it hard to say no to a little relaxation. There are many ways you can create your self care kit, and not everyone’s box will look the same because we all take care of ourselves differently!

The first step to take when preparing your self care kit is where you will keep everything. Any box or bag works! You can use a shoe box or an old tote bag that you don’t use often anymore! Just pick something that will hold your chosen self care items!

Now, you will need to pick some items to put inside of your kit! These items are meant to be soothing, relaxing, and for just you. Pick things that you want. A good bath soak, a face mask, or a pair of cozy socks are all great additions! Some other great additions include: Tea bags, some of your favorite chocolate, essential oils, bath bombs, or a coloring book to de-stress! But honestly, this is where you should listen to yourself, if you know what will soothe you.. add it to your kit!

Once you have built your kit, put it in a special spot away from any curious hands! This self care kit is just for you, and it can be easy to forget that boundary… If you have kids that want to be included, encourage them to make a little kit for themselves to use as well!

Clara Busé is a recent graduate from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. She has a BFA in Writing and is currently working from her hometown, Atlanta.

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