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How to Make an Easter Basket on a Budget

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

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Easter is quickly approaching and the fun festivities of the holiday require some parent prep work.

But like any busy parent, it can be hard to make time to create a perfectly assorted Easter basket for your kids -- especially on a budget! So this year, Jill Devine Media has some crafty ideas to help you make your children’s Easter a day they won’t forget.

Simply put, your kiddos will LOVE these Easter basket goodies. We selected each product from Target because -- let’s be honest -- Target just makes things easier! And the best part? Every product listed is $5.00 or under!

Mix and match the “Activities & Toys” options and “Treat” choices as you see fit for your little one(s)!

“Activities & Toys” (price low to high)

  1. Crayola 24ct Kids Crayons ($1.49)

  2. Crayola Easter Egg Chalk (6 pcs) ($2.54)

  3. Super Bubble Stick Blower ($3.00)

  4. Happy Easter Coloring Book for Kids ($4.99)

  5. LEGO Creator Easter Bunny Building Kit ($4.99)

  6. Snuggables Plush Stuffed Animal Rabbit ($4.99)

  7. Paint Your Own Easter Ceramic Bunny House & Mini Bunny Craft Kit ($5.00)

  8. Paint Your Own Easter Mini Spring Ceramic Animals Kit ($5.00)

  9. "Ten Little Chicks" by Rosie Greening (Hardcover) ($5.00)

  10. "The Love in My Heart" by Tim Bugbird (Hardcover) ($5.00)

“Treats” (price low to high)

  1. Whoppers Easter Mini Robin Eggs ($1.00)

  2. M&M's Milk Chocolate Easter Filled Egg ($1.00)

  3. Peeps Easter Yellow Bunnies ($1.00)

  4. Easter Happy Hoppers Gummy Candy ($1.00)

  5. Starburst Easter Jelly Beans ($1.00)

  6. Pez Easter Candy Dispenser (Styles May Vary) ($1.99)

  7. M&M's Milk Chocolate Easter Cane ($1.99)

  8. Peeps Easter White Marshmallow Bunny Lollipop ($2.19)

  9. Peeps Easter Rainbow Marshmallow Chick Pop ($2.19)

  10. Peter Rabbit Milk Chocolate Hollow Easter Bunny ($4.29)

“Basket Options” (if needed)

  1. Berry Easter Basket ($1.00); color options include blue, coral, green, and pink.

  2. Jumbo Plastic Easter Bucket Printed Boarder with Stickers (Yellow) ($3.00)

  3. Easter Chick Decorative Basket ($3.00)

  4. Bunny Decorative Basket Brown or Bunny Decorative Basket White ($3.00 each)

  5. 11" Bamboo Easter Basket Cool Colorway Blue with Pink Mix ($3.00)

We can’t wait for your kiddos to open their personalized Easter baskets this year! And don’t forget to comment below to show us the goodies you chose for your bunnies.

Amanda Sosa is a college graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a MA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition) and a BA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition; minor in American Studies). She currently works in higher education English classrooms at Golden West Community College and as an instructor at Platt College. Her love of writing has prompted her to additionally pursue copywriting and copyediting professionally.

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