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Iconic NYC Eateries Everyone Must Try

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Planning to travel to New York City? Don't forget to plan where to eat on your visit. Food is a big part of New York, showcasing the various cultures that reside in the city. There are currently over 24,000 restaurants! If you ate at a new restaurant every day it would take approximately 74 years to have tried each one in New York. With nearly an impossible task, it would be better to go straight for the classics, especially on your first visit. There are restaurants that have lived decades, even centuries, and are iconic staples of NYC culture. Here are five iconic places to grab a bite when in New York City.

1. Katz's Delicatessen

Opening in 1888, this family-owned deli has served the Lower East Side for over 100 years and isn't slowing down anytime soon. Located on Houston St. (pronounced How-stun), this deli was included in many films and their mile-high sandwiches are large enough to share. It's always busy, with the line sometimes coming out of the doors, but if you are lucky to grab a seat you will be surrounded by endless pictures of visiting celebrities. Kat'z Deli has endless options, but their legendary Pastrami on Rye is a must.

2. Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restuarant

Visit the famous Grand Central Terminal and dine at this historic restaurant. Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant have served fresh seafood since the inaugural opening of the terminal. Explore the terminal and its various shops before grabbing a bite. Enjoy the architectural wonders while sitting under their iconic vaulted ceiling. Be prepared for the endless amount of options including up to 30 varieties of oysters! They are currently not open on weekends, so plan ahead before going to this busy restaurant.

3. Peter Luger's Steakhouse

Dating back to 1887 this steakhouse prides itself on its perfectly cooked dry-aged beef. Located in Brooklyn, near the Williamsburg Bridge, guests can enjoy the charm of this German beer-hall-style restaurant. Make sure to call and make a reservation way in advance, it gets busy quickly. Going for lunch try their classic burger, and for dinner, you can't go wrong with the Steak for two with creamed spinach. It is Cash-Only, but the food will be worth the trip to the ATM.

4. Lombardi's Local Oven Pizza

It wouldn't be a trip to New York without having a classic New York slice of pizza! Lomabrdi's is known for being America's first pizzeria and for creating the famous New York-style pizza. Opening in 1905 in Little Italy, the original location still stands tall today serving freshly coal oven-baked pizza with a variety of toppings. You can go classic with an original margarita slice, or be bold with their famous clam pie. Take a trip to Lombardi's and taste history!

5. Russ and Daughters

A bagel is a MUST in NYC! Serving bagels and lox for over 100 years from their Lower East Side location, Russ and Daughters show why bagels are famous in New York. They have expanded with another retail counter in Brooklyn and a sit-down cafe near the Lower East Side location. Enjoy breakfast like a New Yorker with a bagel on the go or sit down and enjoy a full breakfast in Brooklyn not too far from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Food is an essential part of NYC culture. It brings everyone together and shares a piece of individual culture with everyone. Experience all of New York by including these iconic restaurants in your next trip. Enjoy everything New York truly has to offer!

Natalie Cardona is a recent graduate of CUNY Baruch College. She has a BA in Digital Communications and Culture with a minor in law and policy.

She is currently pursuing a career in media and entertainment. She loves music, TV comedies, sports, and trying new cuisines and restaurants with friends.

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