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Here's to letting fear be my fuel for success

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Joy "Go Fit Mom"
Joy "Go Fit Mom" 30 Day Challenge

At the start of the year, you were probably inundated with all kinds of offers to detox,

cleanse, take a 30-day challenge … you name it and you heard it, right?

The same for me. I won’t lie, most of them looked appealing to me and I typically fall for

the click bait. BUT, I never commit because I’m scared. I’m scared for several reasons,

but the number one reason I’m scared – FAILURE. No one wants to fail. A lot of those

offers set you up to fail because they aren’t solely centered around you.

Well, I’m putting myself out there and I am doing something I have never done before. I

am committing to the “Go Fit Mom 30 Day Cleanse”.  

Why am I doing this and why do I think you care?

I have decided to take part in this cleanse because:

  • I personally know Joy, A.K.A. “Go Fit Mom”

  • I need a reset to the emotional eating I have been doing over the last few months

  • I want to learn more about clean eating and apply it to everyday life

  • I want my daughters to have better food options for their meals and snacks

  • I want to feel better

  • I want to look better

  • I want to prove to myself that I can do this

  • I know the cleanse is tailored to me

  • Joy is going to do everything she can do to help me succeed (she’s not going to ghost me after I sign up and commit)

I think you care because:

  • You’re just like me

  • You’re scared

  • You have a million questions

  • You want someone you trust to go through the cleanse and deliver the good, the bad, and the ugly

I told Joy the only way I would do this cleanse is if I could be honest with the process.

She said she didn’t want it any other way. She knows there are hard parts - if it were

easy, everyone would do the cleanse with no questions asked! She wants me to be

honest with you and with myself.

I invite you to follow along as I tackle this cleanse and then decide if you want to partake

OR if you would like to take the cleanse side-by-side, I would love that, too!

Here are the details from Go Fit Mom:

I can't think of a mom I know that doesn't need this right now!

This program includes -

  • Beginners guide to cleansing

  • Goal setting and mindset coaching

  • Live clean eating prep coaching

  • 30 clean recipes

  • Clean eating grocery list

  • Private group support

  • The accountability you need!

Are you scared of cleansing?

This is not what you think! No running to the bathroom! This is YOUR cleanse. We will

discuss your needs and your goals in your one on one coaching call.

I cannot give up coffee or wine for 30 days and I'm not asking you to either! I HATE

cooking. There... I said it! I make clean eating SIMPLE. Let's not over-complicate it.

This is a jump start to getting the results you want. Don't let fear stop you. What you

should fear is being in this exact same place a month from now!

Program begins March 24th! Here’s the link to register:   

Photo cred: Nicole Merritt

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