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Moms in the Lou

Moms in the Lou
St. Louis Moms Blog

At the beginning of the year (ah, the good ol’ days ... pre pandemic), St. Louis Moms Blog featured me as one of their Moms in the Lou. I was honored and enjoyed getting to know the owner and founder, Rebekah Coste, throughout the process.

In the article, you get an overview of my birth stories with both of my girls. I also reveal the hardest and easiest parts of motherhood and most importantly, my favorite STL food specialty 😊!

St. Louis Moms blog is such a great resource for all moms:

We are passionate about the St. Louis community and the moms who live here, and our goal is to make this big city that we all live in feel just a little bit smaller. By using both our website as well as various social media outlets, we are able to keep you up to date on family friendly activities around town, provide advice on parenting and motherhood, and encourage each of you to get out and explore all that our wonderful city has to offer!

Whatever you may need in your motherhood journey or wherever you are in your motherhood journey, St. Louis Moms Blog is a great resource.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rebekah for my podcast, Two Kids and A Career, and the interview will launch on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. In addition, Rebekah said St. Louis Moms Blog will be making a big announcement the day after the podcast episode launches! Stayed tuned!

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