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5 good news outlets for kids

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

News outlets for kids
Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

If your kid is interested in current events, but you're unsure where to send them for news, Lifehacker put together this list of five kid-friendly outlets that you can feel good about: Time for Kids. This weekly magazine also has a website, which is broken down by grade level, and covers topics like technology, health, wildlife, business, politics and the environment. The magazine prides itself on being unbiased, accurate and age-appropriate. News-O-Matic. This daily news app provides five news articles each weekday, with interactive links and photos, and is intended for ages 6 through 14. After a free trial period, there is a monthly subscription fee. This website covers news, science, sports and more using easily digestible summaries of current events. You can set parental controls to show content appropriate for ages 8 and up, 10 and up, 12 and up, or young adult. DOGO News. This website covers current events but throws in a little fun, with animal videos and other things kids might like. It also allows kids to search for specific grade level-appropriate stories. Scholastic Kids Press. 50 kids aged 10-14 are selected every year to cover a range of topics, including politics, entertainment, the environment and sports for the site.

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