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Parent’s Day: 4 fun activities to keep your kids busy

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

While many of us continue to work remotely and with children out of school for the summer, things can get hectic. There are plenty of moments where you just need to focus on yourself or your work, so in honor of Parent’s Day… here's a list of some fun activities that will keep the kids busy:

Pasta Skyscraper

What You Need:

  • A couple boxes of dry spaghetti

  • Mini marshmallows

See who can build the tallest or craziest tower out of just marshmallows and dried spaghetti! To create these towers just connect the ends of your spaghetti with the marshmallows and see how well you can build. You can even encourage the kids to make a whole city!

Making and Playing with Oobleck

What You Need:

  • Cornstarch

  • Water

  • Food Dye

Half liquid and half solid, this unique mixture of two parts cornstarch and one part water is sure to be a hit! Adding in a drop or two of food coloring while you mix can create some extra fun! Make sure to play in a space that you are comfortable with getting a little messy.

Rubbings Art

What You Need:

  • A Collection of thin and small items (Leaves, Coins, Buttons, Etc.)

  • A stack of printer paper

  • Crayons (Without paper wrapper)

To make these cool pieces of art with rubbings first lay out your item. Then take a piece of paper and lay it on top of your item, then rub over the paper with the side of a crayon until the item underneath appears!

All of these activities are great for keeping the kids busy and entertained while you take some time to yourself or to work!

Clara Busé is a recent graduate from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. She has a BFA in Writing and is currently working from her hometown, Atlanta.

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