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“Play Ball” crackerjacks-inspired ice cream

Photo By Serendipity Ice Cream

The Cardinals Home Opener happened this past Thursday and to celebrate, Serendipity Ice Cream’s popular “Play Ball” crackerjacks-inspired ice cream is back the entire month of April. Inspired by the 1908 song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” the deliciously decadent popcorn-flavored ice cream is teaming with savory swirls of gooey caramel and crunchy peanuts! Serendipity’s Play Ball ice cream is available by the scoop or pint … or as a sundae, served in an adorable keepsake Cards baseball cap-cup!

In addition, Serendipity’s bringing back its fan-favorite “Name of the Day” FREE ice cream scoop giveaway during April. Owner Beckie Jacobs will randomly pull one name, each day, compiled from a list of the top baby names for 2021, for both boys and girls. Fans may also submit their own names on Serendipity’s website. One random name will be selected by noon, each day, during the month of April. The winning name will be posted on Serendipity’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on a chalkboard sign in the storefront window. No restrictions apply.

Photo By Serendipity Ice Cream


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