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Pregnancy life hacks from Buzzfeed

Pregnant woman holding her belly
Photo by Arteida MjESHTRI on Unsplash

You always hear about different life hacks you must try, so why wouldn’t there be an entire list dedicated to pregnancy life hacks?!?!?!

Here’s a list of pregnancy hacks from Buzzfeed and some of them are genius!

Check out these highlights:

*Hair ties are your pants’ new best friend. – I took advantage of this trick quite a few times.

*Can't keep anything down? Give potato chips and lemonade a try. – I had morning sickness with both girls. It was awful and I tried every single suggestion for morning sickness. However, I did not try the chips and lemonade because it sounded awful.

*Apple cider vinegar is great for heartburn. – I had a little bit of heartburn with the youngest, but it didn’t require taking anything.

*Got leg cramps? Electrolyte water and bananas are another great fix. – It’s super weird, but leg cramps are common for pregnant woman. I had a couple of Charlie horses that woke me up in the middle of the night and if you’ve ever had a Charlie horse, you know they aren’t fun! FYI - bananas are a great fix for anyone who gets leg cramps, not just pregnant women.

Do you have any great pregnancy life hacks you would like to share?

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