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Rainy Day Activities, For The Kids AND You!

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

On those gloomy, rainy days when all outdoor activities are halted and everyone is stuck inside, it's great to have some alternative pastimes for the kids but also for the parents!

Personally, I find rainy days to be a blast! The house gets all dark and you can hear the rain against the roof, making it so cozy and comfortable. I find getting a nice warm drink (hot chocolate, tea, coffee, whatever you like) and finding a spot in the house to read or crochet to be very calm and relaxing.

However, often during the summer time I find myself wishing it was nicer weather and I could sit outside in the sunshine. And when I was a kid, I certainly wished to be outside playing with my friends. But rain doesn’t have to mean no fun!

On rainy days you can do crafts and/or puzzles. These are not only creatively stimulating but also entertaining and fun. There is also a feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a big puzzle or making a craft you are proud of. There are even websites where you can make your own puzzles out of pictures of the family or the pets!

Crafts could include making beaded or pasta necklaces, writing letters to friends or grandparents, coloring, or making your own board game. Which is another great activity, busting out the board games.

Movie marathons were practically made for rain filled days! Gather your couch cushions, pillows, and blankets and settle in for a day at the cinema. Disney movies are my personal go to favorites, and a bonus: they are kid friendly. Set up a fort in front of the TV and let the cozy cuddles begin.

Another idea is baking/decorating, especially sugar cookies. This activity helps pass the time, gives the kids a chance to work on their kitchen and measuring skills, and gives them a sweet treat for after. Using some fun shaped cookie cutters and decorating the cookies with colored icing is a great way to keep the kids interested. Here is a recipe for some super easy sugar cookies.

For the grownups, on a rainy day it almost feels wrong to not want to lie in bed all day or read a book, right? You can do these things for or with your kids, but what about for you? Rainy days are great for getting things done around the house. Things that have been clogging your mind but never getting crossed off the to-do list. But also, taking some time for you. A nice hot bath, reading, and/or watching a movie are all brilliant ways to relax on a gloomy day.

Whatever you choose to do with your rainy day, make sure to have fun! Splashing in puddles isn't just for kids ;).

Abigail George is entering her junior year at Seton Hill University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Business. On campus she is a member of the Student Theatre Activities Council and an active participant in the theatre department productions. She is a Pittsburgh native and grew up playing sports, doing theatre, and singing in her school choir. When she is not working at her local grocery store or studying, she will often be found watching Disney+'s entire library or grabbing dinner with some friends.

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