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Round Three: Resources and ideas brought on by the COVID-19 quarantine

Two sisters coloring

Last week, Afton Spriggs wrote an unbelievable blog about her feelings during the quarantine and she highlighted her new role as a teacher:

“Live virtual tours of the local aquarium, zoos from across the country and museums all over the world — I thought, I should do that with the kids tomorrow. My boys love to do hands-on activities, so I read about 15 articles with ideas for science experiments to do at home with your kids and saw a free online baking class — definitely adding those to the list. Oh, there’s a story time with my son’s favorite author, don’t want to miss that! Just got an email from my gym with online cardio, yoga and kids fitness classes, I must add that to the daily routine. And you know those painting classes you can do for a fun night out? Well guess what, they’re showing you how to do the painting right in your own home!!! My list of things I had to make sure to squeeze into our new socially distancing lives was getting longer and longer and I hadn’t even really processed what was happening. Just keep going, that’s what I knew how to do.”

I did the same thing once the quarantine started and added all those things to my list AND I wrote two resource blogs for you to help with your list AND this is the third blog filled with resources, which include some of the activities mentioned above! What’s wrong with me? Why would I add more to your plate AND my plate when I clearly know we have a lot on it already?

The honest answer, it’s one way I know how to help. In such a helpless time in our lives, providing you with resources I have been provided with is my way of contributing. I don’t see us leaving our homes any time soon, so I would rather provide you (and myself) with plenty of ideas and resources, just in case. I think the difference between the first resource blog I wrote and this one ... letting go of control. Here's what I'm talking about:

Every Sunday evening, I take out a piece of paper and write down each day of the week. I try and put some sort of “educational piece” under each day. If we get to it, great! I mark it off the list and give myself a pat on the back. If we don’t get to it, no biggie. I'm a list maker. A check it off the list kind of gal. A color-coded paper planner person. I NEED a list, but I am learning I don't have to check off every item. It's hard, but I'm trying.

So, that’s what’s working for our household. Yours may look very different. Remember, it’s all about what works for you and your family. If you want to ignore all the resources I have listed below, go for it. HOWEVER, the first resource I have listed is one I strongly encourage you to keep handy.

The most important resource from this blog post.

Resources for quarantine
St. Louis Moms Blog

D.I.Y. projects for kids.

Moss & Marsh focuses on functional and unique products to make parenting easier and is offering free live-streamed D.I.Y. kids’ workshops on Facebook Live. Each day, the Georgia-based company will make a different textile crafting item. A list of supplies needed is posted ahead of time with live streams occurring twice a week. A full list of live-streams and future projects can be found here.

Make food.

We've been doing A LOT of cooking. I think that's the new normal for most families. We cooked a lot before, but now breakfast and lunch are added to the daily routine. We try to involve Lu as much as she wants. It's fun to get creative because we may not have certain items in the house. For example, pizza! If you don’t have pizza crust, improvise. Use English muffins or use tortillas. If you don’t have pizza sauce, improvise. Use tomato paste, mixed with marinara and add some seasonings. Just. Have. Fun. With. It.

Homemade pizza

Go on a scavenger hunt.

Math scavenger hunt
Rainbow scavenger hunt
Backyard scavenger hunt

Homemade Ring Toss.

Brian found this craft on one of the educational groups we are part of on Facebook. All you need is an empty paper towel holder and paper plates. The girls had fun with this homemade game!

Homemade ring toss game

Additional resources.

The St. Louis Aquarium has been doing Facebook Lives with their animals. We have had several “virtual breakfasts” with their animals. You can access their Facebook page HERE.

Another great resource for parents and teachers is conscious discipline. It's a social emotional curriculum that many schools have adapted and implement, especially preschool ages so they have great resources on their website.

Have a little fun with the alphabet.

Fingerprint alphabet

Educational apps for preschoolers.

  • Farm 123

  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street- this helps kids find ways to calm down before reacting

  • ABC Kids Tracing and Phonics

Lastly, hang in there. You got this.

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