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Self Care Sunday: 5 tips on how to help clear your living space to clear your mind

Photo by Tomas Yates on Unsplash

In this week’s edition of Self Care Sunday, let's talk about how to clear your mind! Sometimes when you are stressed your mind begins to race. Taking time to clean up and organize your surroundings can help you ground yourself… and is a great form of self-care. Here are some tips to help you get started cleaning to clear your mind:

1- Making a Checklist

An amazing way to clear your mind is to clear a messy workspace or living space. Clearing out the clutter in real life helps you get a clear mind. But actually getting started cleaning can be overwhelming… It can be helpful to create a checklist for decluttering to reduce stress and to help get you started!

2- Don’t go all out! Start small.

Don’t rush through this cleaning process. Tackling everything at once can also be overwhelming, start with cleaning out a junk drawer or a closet. Move at your own pace!

3- Using the Four Category Method

It can be hard to know where to start when you are about to clean out a space. This helpful Four Category Method is great for when you are struggling to know how to get rid of everything! Separate your clutter into four piles: throw away, donate/sell, put into storage, and keep! This way you can just sort your clutter into simple categories.

4- Clear Out Outdated Items and Paperwork

Sometimes, these items build up without you even realizing it from old receipts to clothes that may not fit anymore! Taking time to get rid of these types of items is helpful because it removes an unnecessary layer of clutter!

5- Cleaning Out Your Car

A place that gets forgotten a lot is your car! Trash and clutter always seem to build up in cars without anyone even trying. A great way to shed some extra stress is to clean out and organize your car.

Clara Busé is a recent graduate from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. She has a BFA in Writing and is currently working from her hometown, Atlanta.

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