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Small Business Shoutout: Sweetology

Once the pandemic was declared, I started reaching out to various business owners to see if they wanted to share their story. The story you and I don't know, but we should know. Being a business owner is stressful in itself, but then you have to shut down (in some way or another) because of a pandemic ... stress is understatement. I wanted to give these business owners a voice. The general public needs to know the inner workings of a small business. My hope is after reading some of the thoughts and stories from these business owners, a little more compassion will be had by everyone on the outside looking in.

Every Friday, I plan to feature a small business in a "Small Business Shoutout" feature. This Friday belongs to Kara Newmark, Owner of Sweetology. I met Kara when I was still in radio. We worked together on a couple promotions and I fell in love with the concept. If you've never been, it's something you need to experience!

Here are Kara's thoughts:

If I could describe how I feel about Sweetology’s future after COVID, I would say that I am cautiously-optimistic. COVID-19 has definitely thrown all of us through a loop in one way or another. The whole world had to stop, slow down, and rethink. Even though the phrase “ the new normal” has been a term used to describe the 2020 lifestyle, Sweetology has actually found a piece of the 2020 chaos we plan on implementing for years to come.

As time went on in quarantine, we saw drive-by birthdays, zoom reunions, virtual game nights. All of these new incredible ways we came together despite being apart. These are the values that Sweetology was founded on, coming together and making memories. I knew immediately I would have to find a way that Sweetology could help, which is when we had the idea to migrate to eCommerce. We then made all of our unique decorating kits featuring cakes, cookies, and cupcakes that folks of all ages would be able to virtually enjoy with their loved ones and new friends. Subsequently we now have the ability to ship kits nationally. This means that Sweetology can spread the smiles like never before, we even have a national virtual decorating competition coming up on October 30th.

We feel such great honor that despite everything, we have been able to serve our community with new ways to play. But we are not done yet. We have found our “new normal” but still need to supplement for the impact we faced during COVID. Those who want to help us should visit our gofundme. We are offering some sweet discounts on our virtual goodies in exchange for helping in keeping us going.

Getting through COVID-19 is our next goal but we know if we can make it through this, we can cake it through anything.


Phone : (636) 220-3620

*1074 Town and Country Crossing Dr, Town and Country, MO 63017

*2550 State Hwy K Hutchings Farm Shopping Plaza, O'Fallon, MO 63368

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 11AM–4PM

Thursday - 11AM–4PM

Friday - 11AM–4PM

Saturday - 10AM–4PM

Sunday - 12–4PM

Monday - Closed

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