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Son & Daughter Day: 5 Activities to do to Celebrate with the Whole Family

Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

Today is Son & Daughter Day! It is an important day to celebrate because it shows your kids how much you appreciate them! It is a time for joy and love to grow and for family memories to be made.

Here are 5 activities you can get into with the whole family to show the kids how much you appreciate them:

1- Going on a family walk is a fantastic way to get some fresh air and spend time together!

2- Baking some cookies or trying a new recipe as a family is a wonderful learning experience in the kitchen, plus it pays off with delicious food in the end!

3- Taking some time for a family game or movie night will be a great experience for everyone!

4- Spending the afternoon having a family picnic at a local park is a perfect way to get outside and relax!

5- And going on an adventure to the local zoo or aquarium is a fun and educational way to make some great memories!

Enjoy your time as a family and happy Son & Daughter Day!

Clara Busé is a recent graduate from SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. She has a BFA in Writing and is currently working from her hometown, Atlanta.

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