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The 30/30 Hike Program

This post is part of a partnership with St. Louis County Parks and Recreation

My “word” for 2021 is self-care and I believe that word will carry over to 2022. Self-care can be defined in so many ways and I’m still learning what I need to accomplish self-care in my life. One thing I know I need for sure is daily physical activity. I also know the physical activity needs to be fun and not feel like “exercise”.

St. Louis County Parks offers a program devoted to promoting fun, family, and a healthy lifestyle, which are 3 things I’m always looking to incorporate into my life! The 30/30 Hikes Program designates 30 trails all over the St. Louis County area that take approximately 30 minutes to complete. At the beginning of every trail, there’s a 30/30 Hike sign that corresponds with the map. Once the program is completed, it will equate to 15 hours of exercise, 55 miles of St. Louis County Parks, and countless memories will be made!

Not only can I complete these trails with my family, but it’s also a great escape for some solo time, which is definitely part of my self-care plan!

To recap, here are the main take-a-ways about the 30/30 Hikes Program:

· Physical activity that’s fun

· Physical activity that doesn’t feel like work

· Each trail takes about 30 minutes to complete

· It’s an experience I can share with my family

· It’s an experience I can share with my self

· I get to explore nature

· I get to explore places I haven’t been to before

· I get to learn more about the city I live in

I’m ready to hit the trails!!!! What about you?

The trails are designated by areas and below you will find an example of a trail for each area:

North Area:

McDonnell Trail

West Area:

Love Park / Chipmunk Trail

South Area:

Buder Park / Meramec trail

30/30 Hikes is perfect for friends, families, scouts, or just your daily dose of adventure. For more information, call 314-615-8822.

Have you participated in the 30/30 Hikes Program? If so, which trail is your favorite and which one would you recommend I tackle first?

St. Louis County Parks and Recreation offers options for all ages. Spend some time on their site to see what best fits your interests and needs.

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