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The beginning of our journey with Hearts & Hope for Uganda

Through our church, Messiah Lutheran, we have been given an awesome opportunity to help a child in Uganda. Our church has partnered with Hearts & Hope for Uganda:

Hearts & Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to helping the poor and vulnerable in Uganda.
​Through long-term partnerships, we seek to develop relationships that create hope & transform lives.

After church one Sunday, we made the decision to sponsor a child from Uganda. We asked the girls if they would like to welcome a boy or girl into our family and they said boy.

The boy we are sponsoring is Derick Zigwanamuto in the village of Butogonha:

So what exactly does the sponsorship consist of?

What does my sponsorship provide?
​​The best way to have a long-lasting impact in Uganda is to sponsor the education of a future leader. For only $35 per month, a child can learn the skills necessary to lift them and their village out of poverty. As part of your student sponsorship, you will send and receive updates from your student twice a year. The annual school year begins in February.
Your sponsorship provides for the following:
School Tuition
Clothing - Uniform, leather shoes, and socks
Food each day
Backpack & School Supplies
Knowledge that you care about their future!

Since this is our first time doing anything like this, I thought it would be fun to document our journey and provide insight in case you're wanting to do something similar. If you have any questions, feel free to email me: Also, follow Hearts & Hope on the following social media outlets:

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