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Top 5 Things To Do When You’re Bored

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Even with a busy schedule, boredom can be inevitable. Whether you’re procrastinating on your to-do list or your day is dragging on, it can feel like there is absolutely nothing to do when you’re bored.

To keep your mind easily occupied without using up all of your energy, we have the top 5 things for you to do!

1) Unsubscribe from Unwanted Mailing Lists in Your (Email) Inbox

This is an amazing refresh! Sometimes a one-time purchase results in endless daily or weekly email campaigns from a company. And it can be a drag to sift through all that unwanted email in your inbox. Take a seat on the couch and start hitting that “subscribe” button! This will not only make you feel productive, but it will also require no energy or effort.

2) Take a Nap

Is there ever enough time to sleep? It seems like busy schedules leave everyone exhausted, so a great way to catch up on your “zzz’s” is to lay down for a quick nap. Not only will you find yourself refreshed and better than ever, but you’ll also pass time without even realizing it!

3) Read a Book or Blog!

There’s never enough time to read! Take a seat or lay down and open up that book you’ve been keeping on your shelf. You may need to dust it off a bit, but reading can bring you into a whole new world of storytelling. But, if reading a book has never been your thing, there are always “quick” reads like blog posts (aka JDM!).

4) Binge-Watch a T.V. Show or Stream a Movie

Binge-watching a new show can be *seriously* time-consuming, but if you are looking to kill time and ease your boredom, then this is a great solution. Getting into a new series can be an exciting way to stimulate your mind while relaxing at home.

5) Go Virtual “Window” Shopping

Browsing through online storefronts is an easy way to pass the time and get excited about a new wishlist! Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, it can be a fun experience looking at new product launches of clothing, things for the home, and any other category you enjoy looking at. You can also make this a productive time by saving items for any birthdays or events coming up!

So the next time you find yourself bored, choose one of these five options to pass the time in a fun, easy way!

Amanda Sosa is a college graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a MA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition) and a BA in English (emphasis Rhetoric and Composition; minor in American Studies). She currently works in higher education English classrooms at Golden West Community College and as an instructor at Platt College. Her love of writing has prompted her to additionally pursue copywriting and copyediting professionally.

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