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Traveling, keeping COVID-19 in mind

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

For almost a year now we have been living in a very far from normal time, and not what anyone is used to. Most people are used to traveling to some extent, whether it is a short road trip or a trip to another country. Either way, most people enjoy travelling and seeing new things, but we’ve been missing out recently.

Although it is still a risk to travel, there are some places that the CDC says are low risk of COVID-19 right now.

All of the CDC low risk COVID-19 places are out of the United States, so get your passports ready and plan a vacation!

Below are a list of just some of the low risk countries to travel to. The full list is can be found by clicking HERE.

● Australia

● British Virgin Islands

● Cayman Islands

● Fiji

● Greenland

● Marshall Islands

● New Zealand

● Saint Helena

● Tuvalu

Although these are considered low risk places to travel right now, it is still advised to take precautions and travel safely. This means it is advised to get tested for COVID-19 before traveling. Also, while you are traveling continue to wear your mask and social distance.

Madisen Schlueter is a junior at Lindenwood University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Graphic Design. On campus, she is involved in Greek life as a member of the Delta Zeta sorority, where she serves as design chair and creates shirts for chapter events. She’s a native of St. Louis, grew up playing softball and loves traveling. When she’s not studying or working, you can find Madisen at Starbucks catching up with friends.

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