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Ways to give back

Photo by Emily Lucarz Photography

Today is National Nonprofit Day! It’s always important to give back, in my opinion, but I feel the need from so many nonprofits is great these days.

National Nonprofit Day (NND) recognizes the goals and positive impacts nonprofits have on communities and the world.

With it being NND, I thought I would share a few nonprofits I support. I’m also looking for suggestions on other nonprofits in the area. If you have one your passionate about, let me know!

These are just a few of the nonprofits I have personal ties to:

St. Louis Crisis Nursery

The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and provides emergency intervention, respite care and support to families in crisis through:

*Short-term care for young children in a safe and nurturing environment

*Proactively helping families resolve crisis

*Empowering families by providing valuable resources, ongoing support and in-depth parent education

*Grassroots community outreach and public awareness of child abuse and neglect prevention

*Advocacy for the overall welfare of children and families

St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue

St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 Not For Profit Corporation that is an all volunteer group of bulldog lovers whose mission is to re-home bulldogs who are surrendered by their owners or find themselves otherwise without homes, landing in animal shelters or wandering the streets as strays. Volunteers provide foster care, veterinary care and rehabilitation for these needy dogs, ultimately finding them forever homes. While St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue rescues and places bulldogs primarily with families in St. Louis and surrounding counties, bulldogs from the surrounding areas are rescued as well.

Photo by Emily Lucarz Photography

We adopted our bulldog from St. Louis English Bulldog Rescue, Inc. Her name was Apple and she was such a princess! Boy did she make us laugh. The stories I could tell about her :). We were fortunate to have her in our lives for about 6 years.

Annie’s Hope

Providing comprehensive support services for children, teens and their families who are grieving a death.

Gateway Pet Guardians

Our mission is to champion a thriving pet welfare community in the East Side Pet District.

One final thought, I know a lot of people don’t have a lot of extra wiggle room in their wallets right now and I completely understand and get it. Trust me. I truly believe $1 goes a long way. Isn’t $1 better than $0? So, whatever you have to give, it’s better than what you think. In addition, giving back doesn't always have to come in the form of money. Giving your time, spreading the word, etc. - all of that is helping!

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