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What is going on in the world we live in?

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When I started writing this blog post, it was going to be centered on the thoughts and emotions I was having about the pandemic.

Now I am writing about my thoughts and feelings regarding two crises we are in the middle of.

Let’s back up to when the stay at home orders were lifted and things were opening in different phases. Suddenly, I felt like people just erased COVID-19 from their minds and were going back to their old routines. I was very confused. Are we or aren’t we in the midst of a pandemic? Why aren’t people taking it seriously? I was trying to figure out these confusing thoughts and then the murder of George Floyd happens.


I see the anger and the hurt and the violence and the sadness and I have no idea what to think or say. I think my initial thoughts were, “this is happening AGAIN?” That says it all. This is happening AGAIN. It’s happening again and again and again.

Cue more division in our country.

One group of people are blaming XYZ for the murder and the pandemic. Another group of people are blaming XYZ for the murder and the pandemic. There are conspiracy theories for both crises. People are feeding off one another and purposely causing angst. There’s so much hate and let me say this, I’m not one for politics. I’m so sick of politics being involved in ALL of this. Some things aren’t political and don’t have to be political. Politics doesn't dictate if you are a kind human being.

Everyone has an opinion, which is part of the beauty about living in the United States of America, BUT it’s not ok to criticize someone for their opinion OR say harmful and hurtful things to someone if you disagree with their opinion. I see no end in sight with people hiding behind the words they type, but I can pray that changes. You want to have an intellectual conversation with me? PLEASE. That’s one thing I pride myself in doing – listening to all sides before forming an opinion. I may have an opinion at first, but that’s why it’s important to get all the facts. Then you form your decision/conclusion. I’m just sick of the hate.

I have a 3-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old daughter and we have tried to explain the Coronavirus as best as we can to the oldest, but now I know I need to have a very tough conversation with her about George. I get scared when thinking of the tough conversations, but it’s my job, as their mother, to have those conversations with them. It’s my job to instill in them the importance of morals, values, kindness, and decency. It’s my job to show them right and wrong. Yet, I’m scared because I’m worried about screwing up the conversation. Never have I even considered what it must be like for a mother with a black child and the types of conversations she must have with them on the daily. That’s ignorant on my part and I feel shameful I haven’t educated myself more on this topic and situation. That changes right now. I challenge you to have those tough conversations and educate yourself. It should be uncomfortable. There’s nothing comfortable about the life we are living right now.

One of my best friends gave me some resources to pass along. All the books have an audio version as well:

Lastly, I read this prayer yesterday and if you're the praying type, I hope you will pray the prayer for true justice.

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